Flexible cables

BLS India has a global tie-up with European biggest special cable manufacturer that design, manufactures special quality cables and drag chain systems for industrial market. We have a wide range of cables (European standard) with various sizes for industrial purpose. We offer solutions and services nationally & internationally for a wide variety of markets including Automation, Industrial Robotics, Material Handling, Aviation, Marine, Thermal Power Sectors, Cement Industries and various Machine manufacturers .

We offers a single source for all your requirements from product development to prototyping to the packaged and pre-assembled drag chain with cables and harness cables. We have wide range of cables which includes control cables, power cables, servo cables, bus cables, data cables and other customized special duty cables.

We design products to the highest possible quality so that you can focus on your core business. Innovative, Reliable and Forward-Looking We don’t just produce drag chain and cable – we come up with solutions.

All cables meet strict technical requirements in terms of electrical safety and fire performance. Specially designed sheath and insulation materials achieve excellent product features which meet the demand for high safety and a long service life under extreme operating conditions while reducing service life costs significantly. (Signal & Data Transmission, Power & Control, Encoder & Resolver for Servo, Power for Servo, Communication, Cable for Industrial Robotics)

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