About Us

BLS Kable Systems India, HQ in Ghaziabad, U.P. Deals in Cables & Drag Chain Systems. BLS is the moving energy solutions provider for various industries like Cranes, Material Handling, Automotive, Steel, Mining, Stone processing etc. with the help of innovative high quality product range (Drag Chains, High Flexible Tailor made cables, Cable Reeling Drum, Harnessed Cables Etc.)

BLS has started by experience professionals & their tie-ups with European technology giants which are in similar market from Last 20 to 30 years.

BLS are passionate about changing the way of working and are going to give you the tools and insight you need to make your job easier.

BLS Mission

Our basic principle is to meet the needs of our customers with regard to quality and price. We intend to reach this target through the partnership and cooperation as well as customer-oriented thinking.

With this basic principle we aim at maintaining transparent, permanent and trusting business relationships between customers and the company. For the satisfaction of our customers we mobilize the expertise of our entire team in order to guarantee long-term innovation and to optimize the sales opportunities in a sustainable manner. Spans of experience and personal contacts with customers strengthened our image.

Regarding our products and services, we aim to give best when it comes to providing individual and ideal solutions for our clients’ needs and claims in order to ensure long-term customer loyalty.


Industries & Applications​

Automotive, Material Handling, Thermal Power Plants, Marine, Aviation, Agriculture, Original Equipment Manufacturers, Stone Processing, Steel Plants, Aluminum Plants, Cement Plants, Fertilizers Plants, Mining, Crane Manufacturers, Textile Industries, Building Material Handling, Construction Machinery, Medical Technology, Oil & Gas, Packaging, Printing, Railways, Port, Tyres Industries, Glass, Sewage Treatment, Wood Working, Passenger Boarding Bridges.

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